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This elegant braided ring is an art piece for your finger, featuring moonstone baguettes that add a modern touch. -- Baguette Stones, Gold Plated Bronze
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All Studio Grun jewelry is 100% gold plated over brass (earrings are with sterling silver ear posts beneath the gold plate) and use gold filled chains.  We use a much thicker gold plate than the industry standard, and once the pieces are plated, a clear protective finish is added to increase its longevity. 

Here are a few helpful care tips to keep your jewelry looking its best:

  • Remove your jewelry when applying sprays, perfumes, oils, lotions, showering, exercising and swimming.
  • To store, keep your pieces in a jewelry box or ziploc when not being worn. This prevents light and oxygen from tarnishing and oxidization.

Please keep in mind that all of our stones are natural and therefore vary in color from each other.